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Is Dropshiping Sucks a Joke?    Is the Better Sources Guide Good?    Has Anyone Tried Dropshipping Sucks?
What is Dropshipping Sucks by Christopher Bernard?    How is Dropshipping Sucks?    Is Dropshipping Sucks True?

Is Dropshipping Sucks the Right Source for Your eBay Products?
"I promise to recommend the companies I believe will work for you...
...My reviews will be my honest opinion and I will not be biased based on my referral commission*."

aka. Better Sources Guide

BOTTOM LINE: For beginners who must make money first!

I love the "Better Sources Guide" sold on the website DropShippingSucks.com, and why wouldn't I?  I created it.

So, can you expect an honest review here...  Yes.

Actually, if you are thinking to yourself -- "of course he is going to say his product is the best, he wants to make a sale" -- guess what?  I make more money when you join some of the other sources for eBay products I recommend.

Its true.  The "Better Sources Guide" costs a mere $35...  So, the most I could even possibly earn is $35 per sale.  I make more than that on referrals to other (much more expensive) programs.

The purpose for me putting this website together was to help you find not just a "good" place to find products to sell on eBay, but to help you find the "right" place.

Anyway, here is my review of DropShipping Sucks...

The "Better Sources Guide" is not a product sourcing tool.  This means that it is not some kind of search engine or software that will give you access to the inventory of thousands of wholesalers...  It is a guide.  Something you read.

That being said...

It is absolutely the BEST way for someone who has little eBay sales experience and very little money to invest on products to get started.

DropShipping Sucks will teach you how to find products to sell using all different methods.  Real products (not "eproducts") you can sell without investing a cent.

If you're just looking into the idea of making money on eBay and want to be sure you're going to make a few bucks, then DropShipping Sucks (Better Sources Guide) is the way to go.  It is very easy to use the strategies in DropShipping Sucks to make money on eBay.  If you would like to give DropShipping Sucks a try, click here to read more and to order now.

However, if you're ready to really get into the eBay sales business I would suggest you get a complete product sourcing tool such as NAWCA or WorldWide Brands.

Or, if you are still not sure where to look to find wholesale products to sell on eBay, I have developed a little Product Sourcing Quiz.  It will help you choose the right product sourcing company.  If you take just a few minutes to answer some questions about your eBay experience, I can make you the perfect recommendation.

My Quiz will automatically score your answers and instantly provide you with my recommendation.  It's quick and easy and private -- no email address is required!


*If you value my website, I will make money with it.  When you purchase a recommended sourcing product, I earn a commission payment.  My reviews and recommendations will not be based on or biased by how much commission I earn.  I will never recommend any product/service solely based on the commission it earns.  The purpose of this website it to help new eBay sellers make a smart decision when it comes to buying products to sell on eBay and which product sourcing company to utilize.  I will work to make this website the best referral resource available.  If you think this website has helped you make a smart, informed decision please use the links provided so I can receive my commission. Thank you.

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